Price: $900

State: New York
City: Manhattan
Zip code: 10017
Type: Music instruments

The TF series Yamaha has developed a digital mixing console that gives the intuition and creativity of the user even more freedom than ever. The panel for the series recently introduced Touch Flow ? player controls allows the mixing engineer to react with fabulous speed and many options on music and artists, what his work enormously simplified and which ultimately benefited the quality of the acoustic sounds. Thanks TouchFlow-operation, which is based on a touch panel, it is easier than ever for experienced sound engineers as well as for newcomers to the industry, to make a professional mix. It already supply the recall enabled D-PRE preamplifier ? sound quality, which can withstand even the finest ear of renowned engineers over. Along with the pioneering live recording functions and the seamless integration of powerful input / output modules occurs in these compact mixers enormous opportunities and make them for different tasks to the first choice. Explore the unprecedented intuitive and creative freedom, which is able to provide only a cutting-edge digital console Yamaha.
    40 mixing channels (32 mono + 2 stereo + 2 Return)
    17 Motor Faders (16 channels + 1 Master)
    20 Aux busses (8 mono + 6 stereo) + Stereo + Sub
    34x34 USB Audio Interface
    8 DCA groups
    16 x XLR / TRS inputs
    2 x RCA stereo Eing├Ąge
    16 x XLR outputs
    8 DSP effects
    included Cubase AI (download version) included
    Dimensions: 510 x 225 x 599 mm
    Weight (net): 13.5 kg