Price: $2,000

State: New York
City: Manhattan
Zip code: 10017
Type: Music instruments

The amp is old in about eight years, I had then bought it new. Original price was just under 3,000, - Euro. It was made by me in the studio and also used live, was still inside the case and has therefore hardly wear.
The entire album "Loving Custodians" the band Mauracher was recorded with this amp. This also shows the bandwidth of this Oberliga boutique amps, with its four channels and separate EQ and gain control options. Therefore, it is also by Mat Bellamy (Muse), James Hetfield (Metallica) or Adam Jones (Tool), to name just a few, played for years.
To Amp there a custom made case the company Toro and a MIDI Controller of Tech21 NYC, the MIDI Moose. The amp has namely no classic Foot switch input, but is only about MIDI controllable. This has the advantage that one can perfectly integrate it into a larger live setup with FX or other amps. Nebem the channel switching can also the various FX buses on the amp or the Master Mute can be controlled, the whole is quite easy to program. When used individually, one can flush with the compact MIDI Moose switch as with a conventional Channel switch the channels.
I liked the amp always served us well, but lately he came barely used. Reason is that part I am now in a recording studio-collective called Tonkomb├╝se. And Accordingly there are now all classic combos and top part of Orange and Fender on VOX and co. And because it is a pity if the amp just in case stands in the camp, I would like now - quite melancholy - separate from him.